Case Study 32: Female, 27 - Lactose Intolerant, Skin Brightening & Antiaging, Detox, Menstrual Cycle Regulation

Nourished Personal Case Study: 32

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Background Information
Female, 27

Looking for: 
Skin Complexion & Whitening, Skin Antiaging & Youth Preservation, Woman Wellbeing
Scenario Description:
I’ve always neglected the way I looked so I’ve finally decided to give myself some TLC both inside and outside.

For the outside, I’m looking for supplements that’ll help in maintaining healthy skin and hair. My skin currently shows mild signs of wrinkles and it seems a little dry. For my body, I do not look fat but I’ve got fats around my tummy, arms and back. So I’d like something that’ll help me lose these fats naturally and also something that’ll give my body some shape as I’ve got no shape at all, both butt and breast.

For the inside, I’d like supplements that’ll help in promoting regular bowel movement as I may be constipated and I rely on detox drinks in order to pass motion due to my irregular bowel movement. Also, something that’ll help regulate my menstrual cycle as well as general women well being.


Screening & Designing

Dietary Restriction / Allergies: Lactose Intolerant
Other Medical Comorbidities: NA
Medication / Supplements Taking Concurrently: Vitamin C, Omega 3 Fish Oil



For Complexion Brightening & Skin Antiaging 
Ingredient Choice: L-Glutathione, Collagen, Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin C

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Helps lighten and brighten facial complexion
  • Longer term of consumption capable to lighten freckles & dark spots
  • Boosts collagen reproduction
  • Replenishes collagen lost and restore skin collagen density
  • Supports for skin elasticity as the main driver of youth preservation
  • Strengthens hair and nail

For Women Wellbeing
Ingredient Choice: Pueraria Mirificia, Dates Extract, Bird Nest Extract

  • Naturally-occurring phytoestrogens
  • Female hormone enhancer for breast enlargement and body firming
  • Sialic acid proven in studies great for overall women wellbeing and better skin complexion
  • Traditionally used for women reproductive function & vitality
  • Superfood with great nutritional profile and antioxidant to better
    nourish women wellbeing
     and regulate menstruation cycle.

For Detox & Constipation
Ingredient Choice: Digestive Enzyme, Psyllium Husk

  • Proven data to aid digestion and protect overall gut health
  • High fiber content to relief constipation and promote bowel movement


Total Ingredients Suggested: 9