How To Use

Consumption Method

1. Direct consumption of Nourished pure powder.
Pop it right into your mouth! However, all Nourished products are pure & unflavored. They may carry their own specification & original taste.

2. Pair Nourished with any of your favourite food or drinks.
Our favourite! Depending on your habits & tolerance, we suggest to add Nourished products into your morning coffee, yoghurt, muesli or any other drinks/soft food you usually have to get additional functional boost.

3. Top with other Nourished products for more than 1 functional boost.
Nourished offers over 50 premium ingredients to meet your daily functional needs.
Example: 1 serving of each Vitamin C + Probiotics + Prebiotics (Inulin) + Collagen, sounds like a good everyday combination

How To Prepare Nourished

Add a serving of Nourished to your warm breakfast drink, milk or coffee to kickstart your day! Lukewarm to room temperature is good, exceeding the suggested temperature may destroy some of the heat sensitive molecules.

Some just loves ice-cold! If you like it chilled, top up with ice after mixing well in room temperature liquid, otherwise Nourished product may clump just like any other powder drinks. 

Blending Nourished with your favourite fruit/green smoothie recipe can greatly improve the texture and consistency. Add a serving of Nourished along with any other materials you have at home, and ta-da!