Case Study 37: Female, 34 - Lethargic, Difficulty Falling Asleep, Poor Sleep Quality, Low Focus Span, Low Metabolism

Nourished Personal Case Study: 37

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Background Information
Female, 34

Looking for: 
Weight Loss & Management, Digestive Health, Woman Wellbeing


Scenario Description:
I feel lethargic easily, I always feel easily bloated. Too much dairy intake caused my stomach feel gassy which previously I do not have this issue. I have difficulty to fall asleep and having bad quality sleep and I think my focus span really short and I always forgetful. Also feel that my metabolism not good as it used to be.


Screening & Designing

Dietary Restriction / Allergies: Lactose Intolerant, Dairy/​Whey Allergy

Other Medical Comorbidities: No major medical illness but thought I would like to highlight there was one time my period unstable, there was heavy period from my normal cycle. It happened maybe like 3-4 years back.

Medication / Supplements Taking Concurrently: Vitamin C + Bioflavonoids, Cod Liver Oil, Calcium



For Weight Loss & Metabolism
Ingredient Choice: Garcinia Cambogia, African Mango Extract

  • Raises systemic metabolic rate
  • Increases fat burning potential and total calories burn per day
  • Proven research studies work for weight loss with complementary effect to show positive weight losing data

For Digestive Health & Bloating
Ingredient Choice: Digestive Enzyme, Bifidobacterium Longum, Lactobacillus Acidophilus

  • Clinically researched probiotic strains proven to guard gut health
  • Proven data to aid digestion and protect overall gut health

For Women Wellbeing & Sleep Quality
Ingredient Choice: Ashwagandha Extract, Bird Nest Extract, Dates Extract, Ginseng Extract

  • Superfood, nutritional dense and rich in antioxidants to
    nourish women wellbeing
  • Traditionally used for women reproductive function & vitality
  • Sialic acid proven in studies great for overall women wellbeing and healthy complexion
  • Brain superfood to support normal brain activity, improve attention span and mental performance.
  • Promote relaxation and balances mood to help with sleep quality at night


Total Ingredients Suggested: 9