Case Study 9: Male, 27 - Skin Complexion, Immunity, Brain Health

Nourished Personal Case Study: 9

*All users' profile are remained discreet and non-disclosure. For the purpose of education and learning, the company is releasing real life case study and the designing process of Nourished Personal. 

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Background Information
Male, 27

Looking for: 
Skin Complexion & Whitening, Immunity & Wellbeing, Brain Health & Memory


Scenario Description: 

A social media influencer who requires the uphold of great skin and complexion. 


Screening & Designing

Dietary Restriction / Allergies: NA
Other Medical Comorbidities: NA
Medication / Supplements Taking Concurrently: L-glutathione, Vitamin C, Astaxanthin, mixed formula in a tablet of berries/tomato/ginkgo biloba.



For Skin Complexion & Whitening
Ingredient Choice: L-Glutathione, Vitamin C, Tomato Extract

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Helps lighten and brighten facial complexion
  • Longer term of consumption capable to lighten freckles & dark spots

For Immunity & Wellbeing
Ingredient Choice: Probiotic, Bird Nest Extract, Green Tea Extract

  • Sialic acid proven in studies great to raise immunity and improve overall wellbeing
  • Clinically researched probiotic strains proven to raise immunity
  • Antioxidant present complements for immune enhancement

For Brain Health & Memory
Ingredient Choice: Ginkgo Biloba Extract

  • Promotes overall cognitive function
  • Improve and regulate healthy blood circulation for better brain health


Total Ingredients Suggested: 7