Case Study 43: Female, 31 - Trying To Conceive, Fertility, Mental Alertness & Memory, Weight Loss

Nourished Personal Case Study: 43

*All users' profile are remained discreet and non-disclosure. For the purpose of education and learning, the company is releasing real life case study and the designing process of Nourished Personal. 

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Background Information
Female, 31

Looking for: 
Women Wellbeing, Brain Health & Memory, Weight Loss & Management


Scenario Description:
Hai I would like a revision of my previous blend (Previour order number N-2020/****) I would want to achieve the same thing I mentioned previously i.e premenstrual and menstrual symptoms, brain and cognitive and memory functions since I am doing my masters now, and also maintaining my weight as well as good skin. However I would like a revision to ensure the previous one are safe for pregnancy since I am trying to conceive. And also would like an addition of any ingredient that would help in fertility as well since my daily life is quite stressful and it lowers the fertility potential.


Screening & Designing

Dietary Restriction / Allergies: Vegan / Vegetarian
Pregnant / Breastfeeding: Trying to Conceive
Other Medical Comorbidities: NA
Medication / Supplements Taking Concurrently: Folic Acid, Nourished Asia Personal Blend



For Women Wellbeing
Ingredient Choice: Dates Extract, Bird Nest Extract, Cranberry Extract, Tomato Extract, Coenzyme Q10

  • Fertility superfood, nutritional dense and rich in antioxidants to
    nourish women wellbeing
  • Traditionally used to care for women reproductive function & vitality
  • Sialic acid proven in studies great for overall women wellbeing and healthy complexion
  • Support vaginal, urinary tract and reproductive health

For Brain Health & Memory
Ingredient Choice: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Dates Extract

  • Brain superfood
  • Superingredient with the strongest antioxidant profile of all, capable to prevent oxidative damage and as cellular protection
  • Supports overall cognitive function, improves attention span, mental performance, boosts memory & focus

For Weight Loss
Ingredient Choice: Digestive Enzyme

  • Better breakdown of macronutrients to smaller molecules for better absorption for healthy weight control


Total Ingredients Suggested: 7