Antioxidant Boost for Women

Antioxidant Boost for Women

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Combining the goodness of super antioxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid, Goji Berry Extract and Grape Seed Extract; this potent antioxidant pack serves great for general wellbeing, fight signs of ageing and protect against cellular oxidative stress.

Direction of Use:
1 teaspoon Alpha Lipoic Acid + 1 teaspoon Grape Seed Extract + 1 teaspoon Goji Berry Extract

Take once a day, directly consume or mix with your favourite beverages/soft food. 


This bundle contains,

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Country of Origin: USA

A coenzyme and an excellent antioxidant choice. Alpha Lipoic Acid’s ability to be both water and fat soluble enables fights free radicals throughout the body.

- Powerful Antioxidants
- Helps Support Cellular Energy Production
- Helps Fight Free Radicals
- Regenerates antioxidant nutrients like Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Direction of Use: Take 1 teaspoon once a day, directly consume or mix with water. 

Ingredients: Alpha Lipoic Acid
Supplement Fact: Amount Per Serving: Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg. 
Nett Weight: 200g (66 servings)


Grape Seed Extract

Country of Origin: France

Grape Seed Extract naturally contains polyphenols, proanthocyanidins which possesses antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals which contributes to premature aging of cells.

- Phytonutrient Antioxidant Support
- Anti-Aging Properties
- Supports Healthy Skin Complexion
- Helps Reduce Skin Pigmentation
- Provides Protection from the Sun UV Rays

Direction of Use: Take 1 teaspoon once a day, directly consume or mix with water. 

Ingredients: Grape Seed Extract (120:1)
Supplement Fact: Amount Per Serving: Grape Seed 12,000mg equivalent Grape Seed Extract.
Nett Weight: 200g (66 servings)


Goji Berry Extract

Country of Origin: Korea

Goji Berry Extract is traditionally revered as a universal tonic for longevity-enhancing effect.

- Powerful Antioxidants
- Helps Improves Skin Complexion
- Helps Support Immune System
- Helps Protects Eye Health
- For General Well-Being

Direction of Use: Take 1 teaspoon once a day, directly consume or mix with water. 

Ingredients: Goji Berry Extract
Supplement Fact: Amount Per Serving: Goji Berry Extract 500mg. 
Nett Weight: 200g (66 servings)



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