New Pricing Policy

An open letter to all valued customers of Nourished Asia.


Dear All,

NOURISHED ASIA is committed to offer the community with premium health products, pure origin imported standards at wholesale rate. As part of our continuous improvement & commitment in giving the most competitive value, the company has reviewed the need to omit the old practice of "RM69 all year long" policy, and will be introducing a dynamic pricing standard with best price policy.

This may mean Nourished products will no longer be maintained at RM69, nor do we have a fixed product price. Instead, depending on the current rate, we match and offer at the best possible price in fluctuation, keeping our customer's best interest at core priority.

This policy will be effective 16th March 2022 (Wednesday).


By 16th March 2022 when the new policy kicks in, our customers should expect a change in price, pack size or strength of products; remaining sourcing origin, grade and purity at the same high standard as before. The affected series includes Nourished Ala Carte products across 92 SKU.

We understand we have loyal customers whom we truly treasure are used to the current structure. While we wish to assure this is an upgrading effort as our continuous movement to provide the best, we wish to extend the notice in advance so our customers can get prepared and opt to stock up should there be a need. The current price and structure will remain the same until 16th March 2022, 11.59am.


Our dedicated customer happiness team will stay at service to assist through the transition as live chat operation from Monday to Sunday 9am to 7pm on social media Facebook / Instagram or email

Thank you for your continuous support. The company will continue to work at our best x


Nourished Asia